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A Message From Our Founder - John Harr Sr.


Pauline Webber (Mountainland Realty, 25 Years)


An Amazing Career - Pauline Webber




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Weekly Sessions!
Privately for 30-Minutes!
Measure & Improve!
Measure & Report, Improve Faster!

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10.5 Training Hours, Five Days Per Week!
Skill Development!
Technical Training!
Power Training!
New Agent Training!
Forms Training!

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Lead Generation

Learn To Set Listing Appointments!
Learn To Close Listings!
Learn What To Say!
Learn How To Say It!
Learn When To Say It!
Daily Workshops!

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  • I started at Mountainland Realty 13 years ago. I’m serious about making money and that’s why I’m still here. I didn’t want to jump from broker to broker and I wanted the best. I chose Mountainland as they had been around 25 years . . .

    Randy Yates, Mountainland Realty Inc.

  • I moved to Utah 18 months ago, had no prior contacts, and started completely new. I juggled two states my first six months and was barely active here. The last 4-5 months of 2012 I made close to $59,000. I saw that if I worked the program, even being new, I would break the $100,000 mark . . .

    Dave Warner, Mountainland Realty Inc.

  • I was at a different company and felt lost. Nothing had really changed in my business and I came to Mountainland Realty and learned that I could not keep doing what I was doing and expect different results. I started the program and my business has increased every year. The training is fantastic and the environment is great for my progress.

    Miguel Ruiz, Mountainland Realty Inc.

  • Being a mother of six children I never expected to get into real estate. I didn’t have any business or sales experience whatsoever and I was very nervous. I listened to John and could easily see that what he taught was absolutely true. His coaching helped me apply these principals into my own life. Today, Mountainland Realty’s training program has completely transformed me. It has been an amazing year for me . . .

    Michelle Dawson, Mountainland Realty Inc.

  • I was told by a trusted friend with 40 years Real Estate experience: ‘If you don’t work for a broker whose training is exceptional don’t bother getting a license!’ I didn’t think an exceptional training program existed, until I found Mountainland. The coaching & training by Superstar Coach John Harr is unmatched in the real estate industry. There is no way I would enjoy my success in real estate without it! Mountainland Realty is the right place!

    Rob Longacre, Mountainland Realty Inc.

  • Working at Mountainland Realty is the best decision I have made in my real estate career. I would have washed out my first year without their powerful coaching. I sell 30-40 homes per year and am growing that number. I have a great real estate business. It would not have been possible without Mountainland Realty and their Coaching Program!

    Travis Fausett, Mountainland Realty Inc.

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