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7 Questions To Ask Your Broker

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - John Harr Jr

profesional female sales agent


WILL  YOU . . .


1.  GUARANTEE Me $100,000 In The Next 12-Months AND Pay Me The Difference IF I Don’t Make That?

2.  COACH Me One-On-One Privately, For 30-Minutes Every Week At No COST?

3.  Develop My LISTINGS Presentation Skills 5-Days Per Week For One-Hour Every Morning At NO COST?

4.  Provide Me New Agent Training Once A Week For One-Hour At NO COST?

5.  Provide Me Technical Training Two Times A Week For One-Hour At NO COST?

6.  Provide Me A Trained Transaction Coordinator At NO COST?

7.  Provide Me A Trained Professional Staff To Handle All Of My Administrative Work?


If they will STAY WHERE YOU ARE!
If they won’t CALL US TODAY!   (801) 785-5013 x 277