In the crowded real estate market, what sets Mountainland Realty apart? We call it the ‘Mountainland Difference’.

Unlike many real estate companies, our business model focuses on quality over quantity. Rather than hiring as many agents as possible, we concentrate on selecting a smaller number of agents who we can train and develop to provide high-quality service to our clients and customers.

Mountainland Realty has been in the real estate sales business for over 45 years. Throughout this time, we’ve maintained a small but highly skilled team of 40-70 agents. Our agents receive private weekly coaching from our broker, ensuring they benefit from his 45 years of real estate sales experience.

Our difference is also evident in our income guarantee. We offer our agents a consistent, steady income that is predictable and duplicatable. This income is not driven by the real estate sales market but by our unique business model and coaching system.

Our agents have a common goal: to make more money in less time while providing top-tier services and skills to our clients and customers. Stay with us to learn more about the Mountainland Difference and how it can benefit you.