Coaching & Training

At Mountainland Realty our philosophy is that the more income and the more success a person desires to achieve in any area, the higher the level of coaching and training will be required

While the terms “Coaching” and “Training” are used constantly in an attempt to draw or attract agents to a company, it has become obvious that the 2-week, 1 month, and 6 month training programs of today, fall short of what is required for an agent to enjoy success, evidenced by the alarming failure rate of agents in today’s real estate sales business.  

Mountainland Realty’s training and coaching programs are the answer to an agent who desires to make more income in less time.  Our philosophy is that real estate done correctly at a high level is a “skills business” and therefore requires both training and coaching that focuses on those skills daily, for as long as an agent stays in the business.

A sample of our focus on the skills required include Daily Script Practice; learning what to say and how to say it to your customers and clients; weekly team meeting to learn what the market is doing; what it’s going to do and how to communicate that to buyers and sellers; twice a week 1 hour sales meeting taught by the broker, John Harr Jr, who has 45 years of Real Estate experience & has paid for one on one weekly coaching for himself for 30 years; 30 minute private coaching sessions per week with the broker; learn your sales numbers; learn what to adjust based on these numbers; listen to live recordings in coaching to learn what to improve.  Last but not least, follow the 1 hour per day skill development program designed by John Harr Jr.  None of our training is mandatory, however it is available every day until an agent leaves the business or retires. 

If your desire is to be a highly paid professional, then you should be trained and coached like all other highly trained professionals. 

There is no training/coaching program like Mountainland’s.  Watch the videos, if you would like to learn more, give us a call.