Income Guarantee

There is no income guarantee in real estate sales.  Here at Mountainland Realty, we have heard that statement repeatedly from good, hardworking agents who would desperately like to be guaranteed a yearly income as they build their real estate sales business.  The fact that no real estate company will guarantee an income to an agent does not mean that it is impossible to guarantee a hardworking agent an income.   

For decades Mountainland Realty has been excited to guarantee our agents’ incomes of $100,000, starting their first year and after 3 years, a minimum of $500,000 per year.  Many in the real estate industry have declared this guarantee to be a gimmick.  Our “gimmick” is backed by a written guarantee, signed by the broker, John Harr Jr, that says if an agent does not earn that income, Mountainland will write a check to that agent for the difference of what they didn’t make.  

Fundamentals, skills, and a well-planned schedule executed daily can guarantee anyone an income in real estate sales.  

Take a minute to watch our Income Guarantee videos.  Then if you have interest in a step-by-step plan, backed by a written guarantee, let’s visit about your financial future!