Mountainland Difference

The difference between Mountainland Realty and other real estate companies is enormous!

The majority of real estate companies’ business model is to hire as many agents as possible with their average agent’s production being about 1-2 closed sales per year.

Mountainland Realty has been in the real estate sales business for over 45 years. Our focus has been to be selective about who we allow to work in our company so that we can train and develop a smaller number of agents to provide a high-quality service to our clients and customers. While many companies will have agent rosters of 150-400 or more, Mountainland has consciously kept our agent count between 40-70 agents, allowing each agent, every week, to privately be coached one on one by the broker.  This private weekly coaching is by someone with 45 years of Real Estate Sales experience is “The Difference”.  It’s why Mountainland Realty can guarantee agent income ranging between $100,000 – $500,000 per year. 

The Mountainland Difference is a guarantee of a consistent steady income to its agents that is predictable and duplicatable, and not an income that is driven by the real estate sales market.  

Our training and coaching are largely focused on “business fundamentals” and skill building that allows an agent to produce whatever the income is that they desire, working 5 days per week.  The agents who choose to work at Mountainland all have a desire to make more money and do it in less time while providing the services and skills to our clients and customers that have become almost extinct in today’s real estate sales business. 

If you are a seller, a buyer or an agent who is looking for the highest level of service, skills, or training, take a few minutes on this website and learn more about the Mountainland Realty Difference.